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99.11-EAVE Orthopedic Bed 4 Electric Movements Sections, Electric Variable Height



Technical specifications

Perimeter frame: it is made of steel profile with rectangular section with rounded corners mm. 40x20x1,5.

Patient Plan Top: The patient’s top is made of 50×10 mm oval metal slats.

Settings: The sections are: the backrest, with inclination> 75 °, and the femoral, with femoral inclination> 35 °, are articulated by electric actuators controlled by BT push-button panel, fixed basin section, leg section automatically lifted with the section femoral through levers.

Support Base: made of sectional steel profiles. The height variation of the patient plan surface is obtained through thick oscillating arms to guarantee a high degree of stability. The movement, included between a minimum height of mm. 440 and a maximum of mm. 750, is obtained by an electric actuator controlled by the same push-button panel with B.T. of the patient plan. On request it is possible to add swivel wheels (4 pieces) Ø mm. 125 of which two with independent double action brake, both on the stand and on the rotation axis, support in pressed sheet metal, galvanized finish, rotating head on double round balls, center of the wheels in polypropylene. Wheel axle with screw and nut, M12x30 screw connection, capacity for each wheel Kg. 100. Thermoplastic rubber band, gray non-marking.

Shoulders: Headboard and footboard are made of painted steel tube diam. 30×1.2, with inserts made of 50×10 mm slats with bayonet connection.

Painting: with ivory-colored epoxy powders (RAL 1013) and antibacterial additive, after phosphating and firing in thermal tunnel (200 ° C, average coverage 90 micron).

External Dimensions: mm 2010x900x440 / 750h

Patient plan surface dimensions: 195x85cm

Base dimensions of support: 1680×770 mm

Safe working load: 170 kg

Maximum weight of the patient: 135 kg

Weight: 98 kg

Volume: 0.79 m³

ISO Code + ISO Code

Register at the Ministry of Health – Medical Devices Directory n. 1534329 – CND Y181299


Patient plan width (mm) 850

Patient plan height (mm) 470/750

Patient plan length (mm) 1950

Patient plan sections (mm) 660/430/280/430

Section angle 75 ° / 40 °

Electric variable height

Electric operation

Patient plan capacity (Kg) 135

Gross capacity (kg) 170

Product weight (Kg) 70

Mattress dimensions (cm) 193 x 84 x 14h

Accessories on request

Wheel kit diam. 100mm

Wheel kit diam. 125mm

4 section mattress

Headboard and footboard with panel

Raises ill with espalier

Raises sick with a base

Telescopic sides

Raises blankets

Folding sides

IV pole


Prodotto conforme CEE