99.11-AV Orthopedic Bed 4 Sections 2 Cranks, Hydraulic Variable Height


Technical specifications

Height-adjustable orthopedic bed for home therapy.

Perimeter frame of patient plan surface in steel profile with rectangular section with rounded corners mm. 40×20, varnished with epoxy powders in 200 ° C thermal tunnel after phosphating process.

Standard color ivory RAL 1013.

The patient’s top is made of painted 50×10 mm oval metal slats. The sections are four: back and femoral articulated by means of articulation with manual adjustment by means of a thrust pin and a revolving rotating crank, fixed pelvis section, leg section that can be lifted automatically with the femoral section by means of levers.

Headboard and footboard are made of painted steel tube diam. 30×1.2, ivory color with inserts made with 50×10 mm slats.

Patient floor size mm.1950×850.

Backrest inclination> 75 °, femoral tilt> 40 °.

The universal base with variable height is made of steel profiles with differentiated sections.

Solid structure with movable arms to guarantee a high degree of stability. The vertical movement of the patient plane, included between a minimum height of mm. 470 and a maximum of mm. 750, is obtained with a pedal control on an oleodynamic pump, positioned at the foot end of the bed.

Base dimensions mm 770×1680, net capacity kg. 148.

Product weight kg. 70 approximately

Registered at the Ministry of Health – Medical Devices Directory n. 1534316 – CND Y181299 COD. ISO: +


Patient plan width (mm) 850

Patient plan height (mm) 470/750

Patient plan length (mm) 1950

Sections (mm) 660/430/280/430

Sections Corner > 75 ° / 40 °

Electric Variable Height

Patient plan capacity (Kg) 135

Gross capacity (kg) 170

Product weight (Kg) 70

Mattress dimensions (cm) 193 x 84 x 14h

Operating with Cranks

Accessories on request

Wheel kit diam. 100mm

Wheel kit diam. 125mm

4 section mattress

Headboard and footboard with panel

Raises ill with espalier

Raises sick with a base

Telescopic sides

Raises blankets

Folding sides

IV pole


Prodotto conforme CEE