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65.01 / Hydraulic Mobile Lift

65.01 / Sollevatore Mobile Oleodinamico


Technical specifications

Hydraulic mobile lift.

Sturdy tubular structure 50x50x3 of painted steel with epoxy. cooked in a 200 ° thermal tunnel after a phosphating process.

Base with adjustable width by foot pedal to increase stability and accessibility according to the needs, with a fork height of 10 cm.

Supplied with twin wheels diam. mm.75, swiveling with single capacity of 90DaN, two of which with independent brake.

Movement of the arm by means of a hydraulic pump with manual movement, equipped with a handwheel to adjust the exhaust valve of the cylinder and the rate of descent of the patient according to the weight.

Pump displacement 5cc / stroke, lifting capacity 150 Kg.

With overload relief valve.

Opening of the base with pedal board.

Lift complete with slingbar.

Maximum excursion of the lift, mm.1100.

Structure with removable lifting arm holder stand that can be removed from the base.

RAL 9010 glossy color.

Registered in the Directory of the D.M. at the Ministry of Health at no.1067786 – CND: Y123603 – ISO Code:


Prodotto conforme CEE