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50.51 Universal banks



Technical specifications

Universal side rails for foldable, tilting or removable bed types.

Model: universal adjustable to adapt even to double beds. Structure composed of half-fluted sides in round section steel tube that can be threaded together so as to form a side panel which in turn is connected to the other thanks to two telescopic tubes, adjustable in length. In this way they are both extensible and extendable according to needs. The height adjustment is done by M8 flyers positioned on two sliding tubes positioned at the ends of the tubes that determine the width of the sides.

Painting: with epoxy powders in 200 ° thermal tunnel after phosphating process. Standard color ivory RAL 1013.

Dimensions: Length mm 1300/1800; Width mm 800/1600; Height 450 mm

ISO Code

Register at the Ministry of Health – Medical Devices Directory n. 1622024 – CND Y181227


Prodotto conforme CEE