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Technical specifications of the two models

Bearing structure: made of thick steel profile with differentiated cross-section with rounded corners, complete with integrated roll holder made of round-section steel tube.

Patient Plan:

The patient’s top is made of a wood conglomerate panel lined with soft sky (eco leather) in black or blue and padded with expanded polyurethane density 27 kg / mc thickness 40 mm

Settings: There are two sections: the back section, with an inclination from 0 to 90 °, is obtained by means of jams with automatic positioning and release or on request by means of a gas actuator operated by levers placed on the sides of the patient plane, fixed legs section.

Support base: in steel tube with differentiated thick section that allows the height variation of the patient’s surface through four oscillating arms. The height variation, compressed between 600 mm and 900 mm, is obtained by an electric actuator controlled by a B.T.

Painting: with gray epoxy powders (RAL 7035) and antibacterial additive, after phosphating and firing in thermal tunnel (200 ° C, average coverage 90 micron).

Dimensions: mm 1900x600x600 / 900h,

Safe working load: 180 kg.

Register at the Ministry of Health – Medical Devices Directory n. 1067778- CND Z129099

Art. 40.21:

Examination table in the version with variable height support base obtained by means of a hydraulic pump equipped with a pedal placed on the foot side of the bed.

Registered at the Ministry of Health – Medical Devices Directory n. 1067775 – CND Z129099

N.B .: both articles can be requested in fireproof version.

Prodotto conforme CEE