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110/AU/FR/4P Mattress

L130-110 Materasso



Approved in class UNO I EMME by the Ministry of the Interior in compliance with the provisions of the D.M. of 26.06.84 -prevention of fires


Divided into 4 sections and produced in flexible polyurethane foam, with an effective density of 30Kg / mc ± 5%, of a non-deformable type, bearing and having homogeneous cellular structure and mainly permeable to air which gives it a good degree of breathability.

The foam is self-extinguishing and specifically complies with the following standard: CSE RF 4/83 – D.M. 26.06.84, as per the ordinary supplement to the G.U. n.234 of 25.08.84, concerning: “classification of reaction to fire and approval of materials for the purposes of fire prevention”.

Moreover, to the direct action of the flame, it does not drip and does not show post-incandescence phenomena.

The foam complies with the requirements of the technical specification ATS 1000.001 Airbus Industrie with regard to the opacity of the fumes and to the toxicity of the combustion gases.

(This means less chance of intoxication or even death and more chance of escape for people who find themselves in rooms attacked by flames – not black smoke but white smoke).

Polyurethane is produced at source without the use of CFC (chlorofluorocarbons).

The polyurethane is hypoallergenic, as it does not generate dust, unassailable by insects and parasites, bacteriologically pure, absolutely neutral from the point of view of hygiene and physiology, imputrescible, odorless and indegradable.


Outdoor made of twisted, candid, trellis, of FLAME RETARDANT permanent polyester fiber (TREVIRA CS) treated non-shrinking (-2 / 3%). It melts slowly without emitting flame, opaque fumes and toxic gases. The product requirements of the fabric are as follows:

Raw material: polyester Flame Retardant permanent
White color
Armor: 5-piece satin with inverted effects for scoring
Wires per cm. : 28 – Title NE 30/2
Textures cm. : 23 – Title NE 16/1
Weight per square meter : 210 gr.
Return after washing at 90 ° C: 2/3% in both directions.
It is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, resistant to pathogens and dirt.
Equipped with a robust closing hinge applied in the mid-air of a short side and a long side (to ELLE) to facilitate its maintenance operations.

For the same purpose the lining is supplied with dimensions of about 3 cm (both in width and in length) with respect to the size of the slab.


It is machine washable or washer-extractor with hot disinfectant and detergent mixtures and can be disinfected and / or sterilized in an autoclave with 2.5 ate (atmospheres) steam intakes at 138 ° C without any deterioration or degradation of the product, including the characteristic of self-extinguishing mentioned above.

Packaging: in polyethylene bag.

Prodotto conforme CEE